Every day at the Grape Encounters Em•pour•ium, guests are treated to a wine enjoyment experience like none that has ever existed before.  In a dramatic departure from convention,  single varietal wines from around the world are united into extraordinary blends that were previously thought unimaginable.  We call it Vinthesis--a term incorporating "vin" meaning wine and "synthesis" referring to the combination of diverse components to create a coherent whole.  Let there be no mistake... every blend is created with the deepest reverence for each wine that is included in the blend.  The intention is NEVER to improve on a winemaker's hard work, but rather to use it as the perfect building block to create something both different and unimaginable.  

"We can take Bordeaux varietals from Chile, Argentina, France and even the U.S. and create an extraordinary Bordeaux blend like nothing that has ever existed before," says Wine Maverick David Wilson. "People taste it and say, 'Oh my gosh. that's delicious!' because it is.  This is an opportunity to work with the best juice; not simply what's available."


• Wine as Performance Art

• Experience Wine in a Totally Unique New Way!

• The Future of Wine Enjoyment!

Ever since he was a kid, David Wilson has had a thing for experimentation!

The recipes are meticulously created by David and change as wines cease to be available and new vintages are released.  As blends are meticulously formulated before your eyes, you'll be invited to sample each vintage as it is added.  Throughout the entire experience, you'll marvel, learn and laugh.  

Wife and Grape Encounters Em•pour•um co-owner Annie  adds, "The winemakers who've come in here and tasted what we're doing are universally supportive. We haven't had a single one disapprove  For famed winemaker Adam Lazarre it was love at first sip, "This is fantastic. You can use my wines in blends anytime you want!"  

For six years, David Wilson has been advocating for people to play with wine on his radio show, "The reason that we're doing all this is because you can't simply talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. It's one thing to tell people to blend their wine but it's quite another to actually do it and show people how much fun they can have."